Violet Softley Testifies in Charge of Stabbing Case

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Charge of Stabbing

Flossie Allen, a married woman, living at Wattletree road, Armadale, was charged at the Malvern Court on Monday with inflicting grievous bodily harm on Violet Softley, of Stokes street. Montague, on March 2, by stabbing her. Sergeant Foers prosecuted, and Mr. Croft appeared for the defence.
Violet Softley, a widow, stated that at about 8 o’clock on March 22 she was crossing Wattletree road when defendant caught hold of her and stabbed her once in the left arm below the elbow and three times above the elbow. She held defendant and sent for the police, but two men parted them. She denied that she had been found with Allen in Caulfield Park. Witness denied having written a letter which commenced, “Dear Bill, Do sneak up to-night. I will be in front, in case your wife is about. She can’t disturb us in my house.” The letter proceeded to offer to buy him a pair of horses out of her gratuity bond, and was signed “Vio. S.”
Mr. Croft urged the unwritten law, which, he contended, was recognised in America and in this country. Defendant was the mother of 10 children, and was aggravated by her husband’s conduct with Mrs. Softley, and the discovery of the letter.
Mrs. Allen stated that she took the letter out of her husband’s pocket an hour before the occurrence. She saw him meet Mrs. Softley, but he made off as soon as he saw witness, Mrs. Softley tried to get the letter from her. She denied the stabbing. She had, with a private detective, followed her husband and Mrs. Softley to the Caulfield Park.
The Bench reduced the charge to one of assault Mr. Knight. P.M. said:-”We must convict. I do not believe that woman Softley’s evidence, but we have the evidence of the doctor as to the wounds. Accused will be sentenced to seven days’ imprisonment, to be suspended on her bond of £10 to be of good behaviour for 12 months.

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